Wolf is one of the leading manufacturer of VFFS machines and turnkey solutions. With the broad portfolio of machines for almost every Industry, Food industry in particular, Wolf can deliver the right solution for every application. For example in Snack, Powder, IQF, Pet Food packaging and many more. With the presence in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Dubai, Russia and UK with own offices and a second manufacturing Plant in China beside the main manufacturing facility in Germany, Wolf is as close to the market and its customers as it possibly gets.

Facts & Figures

Diversity is our programme
The Wolf machine programme comprises a variety of vertical and horizontal machines as well as a wide range of relevant machine accessories. Of course, all our machines can be equipped with our own screw feeders of the types SD25 / 50 / 80 or VD6 for the dosage of free-flowing products.

In addition, the machines can be equipped with every on the market available multihead weigher for weighing the products, or with a pump for the dosage of liquid or paste-like products. Furthermore, Wolf produces automatic reel changers, zip applicators, spoon inserters as well as Z-elevators for cartoning machines.

From "Pillow bag" to "Doy-Style Pack"
Whether classic pillow bags or gusseted bags, 3-or 4-side-sealed-bags, StabilPack bags or Doy-Style - Wolf Machines are optimally suited for all basic bag shapes and much more.

For example, our KVM and KVM-Super Track is suitable to produce stand-up bags with different bag top shapes: multiple folded head seam, sealed-down, glued on or closed with label. Doy-Style Bags with or without zipper as well as bags with clip closure. It is possible to produce a great variety of bag shapes on a Wolf packaging machine

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