Interview with Chris Ester

➡ Since when have you been with the company and what has your professional career been like within the group?
I started as an EQJ intern at WOLF in 2012. Following that, I underwent training as an industrial mechanic. After completing my training, I began working in the final assembly of our machines. About six months later, I had the opportunity to participate in customer assignments around the world.

From 2017 to 2021, I decided to return to school and completed my part-time further education to become a state-certified #Technician (Bachelor Professional in Technology). During this time, I also took on the role of training manager. After obtaining additional qualifications as a QMF (Quality Management Specialist) and QMB (Quality Management Representative) as part of my technician training, I, along with a colleague, established a quality management system. These were very rewarding and challenging tasks.

The Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Gießen-Friedberg has been involved in my professional development in recent years. I was appointed to the examination committee in 2018 and as a deputy member representing the employers in the Vocational Training Committee in 2022. This year, I handed over the "QM" area to a young skilled worker and have since dedicated myself to #HumanResource development, which begins where training ends. It's a fantastic task where I can leverage the synergies of my previous roles.

➡ What motivates you in your work?
It's hard to describe in just a few sentences. But if I had to pinpoint it, it would be the #gratitude and direct feedback. Over the course of an apprenticeship, a professional relationship with the apprentices develops, along with a personal connection. There are times when I serve as a trusted person when apprentices are confronted with personal challenges. This creates #trust, #reliability, and above all, a consistent point of contact outside the family. At the end of the apprenticeship, when we look back together on our time, I often receive feedback like, "Chris, you managed to give me a good start in my professional life and became a friend in the process."

One rarely loses contact with one's "alumni." Even if it's just a short message on holidays or birthdays, you remain part of the apprentices' lives and thoughts. I can't imagine a greater motivation.

➡ What do you enjoy doing in your free time to balance your personal life and career?
I enjoy spending my free time with my girlfriend, sport fishing at our forest lake. It's a great way to focus solely on oneself within minutes after a stressful day. Additionally, I serve as the chairman of the table tennis club in my hometown or attend the ice hockey games of EC Bad Nauheim.