Interview with Tatjana Siebes

➡Since when have you been with the company and what has your professional career within the group been like so far?
I have been a part of the After Sales team at HDG - Packaging Machinery GmbH since 2011, initially as a clerk and since 2021 in the current role of Team Leader for Internal Sales/Shipping.

➡What motivates you in your work?
Passion for our machinery as well as a strong customer and service orientation define me. Customer satisfaction is paramount for my team and me. Both positive and negative customer feedbacks drive us. We constantly question ourselves and optimize our workflows. I'm thrilled to contribute to the success of the group with my work and dedication.

➡What do you like to do in your free time to balance your personal life and career?
Sport plays a significant role in my life and serves as the perfect counterbalance to work. Additionally, I enjoy spending time with my dog, so I plan long walks after work and on weekends.