To attract and retain talent, we offer a comprehensive package that includes competitive compensation and a work culture that encourages work-life balance. This includes:

  • Flexible working time to empower employees to arrange their daily work as their life requires.
  • Remote work where possible, so employees can work where they feel most productive.
  • Fitness reimbursement where we cover a portion of employees’ monthly gym memberships.

In addition to tangible benefits, we offer a fear-free environment where people can thrive by being who they are and bringing their whole selves to work. We also strive to find opportunities where employees can come together outside of the regular work day, such as organizing summer events and holiday parties. We believe it is important to recognize employees for their hard work and commitment. For individuals achieving 5- or 10-year milestones, we reward their work anniversaries with monetary gifts and team celebrations. To further engage employees, we crowdsource ideas through internal contests. In 2022, we hosted a sustainability initiative encouraging employees to provide energy saving suggestions at TPG. Employees submit their ideas, and a committee evaluates and ranks them based on the most creative or likely to be impactful. The winner receives an award including monetary prizes.

Average Hours of Training Per Employee

We recognize that continuous learning is essential to support the development and advancement of our workforce. That is why we provide training and development opportunities for employees across all levels. In 2021, we launched the following initiatives: Talent management program to identify leadership potential within TPG and provide those individuals with development opportunities such as internal training on management, sales and communications. Apprenticeship training program to further develop skills for entry-levelemployees. Special sales training, a comprehensive program focusing on personal conduct with customers and how we interact with people from different cultures and religions. When development is not available internally, we offer opportunities for employees to learn from external sources. This may include opportunities for manager training and partnering with suppliers to develop new technologies. For high potential individuals in high demand roles, we may cover university tuition for certain classes or graduate programs in exchange for their commitment to staying with TPG for a certain number of years.

We value the diversity that comes with a global workforce. Our employees and officers come from different countries, bringing with them different backgrounds and cultures. We respect and uphold their human rights, encouraging a company culture characterized by fairness and cooperation, as outlined in our Code of Conduct. Employees are offered a respectful workplace with equal opportunities regardless of race, age, gender, nationality, political opinion, origin, religion, disability or sexual orientation. Skills, abilities and qualifications are the only deciding factors for employment and career advancement at TPG. In addition to treating each other fairly and respectfully, we expect employees to extend that same courtesy to customers and business partners. Read more about supply chain management in the Product section.

We encourage employees to actively participate in nonprofit organizations and support the local communities where we operate. We provide those employees with time off during work hours to engage in charitable services that they are passionate about and contribute to community well-being. When a major flood impacted areas of Germany in 2021, we put together a private team and gave local employees five extra days off to help with the recovery efforts. Where possible, we provide company resources to community organizations. For example, our local firefighter’s department uses our facilities to conduct regular training.


TPG complies with labor laws and internationally accepted standards on labor practices. This ensures that we have the right to continue and expand our operations in Germany and other key markets, while providing employees with a rewarding career. Our Code of Conduct outlines how we make employment-related decisions including recruiting, promoting, training and development, compensation and termination. These decisions should be:

  • Based only on merit and business considerations.
  • Conducted in accordance with local legislation.
  • Considerate of cultural implications that may impact workplace decisions andactions.
  • Uphold and promote human rights of employees.

There are no operations within TPG where the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining are at risk. Two of our production sites have a workers’ council, which helps facilitate any grievances from employees to the management team. In 2021, we began negotiating a collective bargaining agreement with one of these sites.


2021 Safety Data

TPG prioritizes maintaining a safe, healthy and secure workplace for all employees. We comply with all applicable health and safety standards and laws. We also maintain a proactive policy for identifying and removing dangers and hazards in the workplace. Managers and superiors are responsible for ensuring that the appropriate safeguards regarding health, safety and security practices are in place and comply with applicable codes, laws and management standards. We work diligently to manage hazards in production areas. Due to the nature of our operations, we pay particular attention to identifying hazards that may cause injuries to hands and arms. If an incident occurs, we analyze the situation to get to the root cause and implement corrective actions. We administer health and safety training to new employees to ensure their adherence to company protocols and safety procedures in performing their duties. We also provide specific safety instructions for tasks such as welding and painting. We believe that mental and emotional health is as important as physical health and safety. In 2021, we partnered with the BGF Institute, a specialist in workplace health care, to host Digital Health Day to educate employees on topics such as: Stress management and relaxation. This includes understanding types of stress, identifying and assessing stress triggers, and improving sleep health and regenerative capacity. Movement and regeneration. This includes learning about spinal coaching and ways to improve the immune system. Nutrition. This includes analyzing dietary behavior and healthy eating behaviors.

As the world responded to the COVID-19 pandemic, TPG continued our operations as an essential supplier. To protect our employees, we developed a mobile work policy and allowed employees to work from home to limit the number of people in the facilities. For employees who must be onsite, we implemented social distancing procedures. To protect employee health, we partnered with local clinics to organize doctor appointments and provide COVID-19 vaccinations, which were difficult to acquire throughout 2021.

Sustainability Report 2021