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Embark on your professional journey with training at our company! You'll have the chance to develop your skills and talents while simultaneously gaining practical experience. Explore our diverse training opportunities in various departments and become part of our dedicated team. Are you motivated? We look forward to receiving your meaningful application!

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FAWEMA in Engelskirchen, Germany

HDG in Lindlar, Germany

WOLF in Lich-Birklar, Germany

Our training programs

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Here's how the application process works with us!

Step 1: You send us your application via our application form. Application start: after the summer holidays
Step 2: Now it's time to wait! We review your documents.
Step 3: We'll contact you! If your application convinces us, we'll invite you to the selection process.
Step 4: The selection process takes place.
Step 5: On to the final round! The job interview takes place.
Step 6: It´s a match! Contract signing.

To all training positions Apply directly

Experience the everyday work life up close
Start an internship at TPG

If you want to gain initial insights and get to know the everyday work life at one of TPG's locations, then start an internship, work side by side with our experienced professionals, and learn from their expertise. We offer you a learning environment where you can unleash your potential and build valuable contacts. Seize this opportunity to shape your professional path.

Interested in an internship at one of the TPG locations? Then let's discuss your preferred timeframe and department.

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Collaboration opportunities for schools

For schools and universities, we offer various collaboration opportunities because we believe in the importance of nurturing young talent. Feel free to contact us and let's discuss how we can support your students in finding a suitable apprenticeship or internship position.

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