HDG started a new cooperation

HDG started a cooperation some time back. The initial idea came from a customer.
Their major concern and the point of difficulty is the cleaning of the pump after production.
Common set ups require a complete disassembly of the pump.
For operators and production managers, a nasty job with major time and handling efforts.
Plus the risk of mistakes while reassembling. The customers expectation of new pump is:

  1. cleaning in place (CIP)
  2. precision in dosing


  • 100%. CIP is achieved after a couple of minutes
  • A Performance with mayonnaise and mustard with a target weight of 20g was easily achieved at a rate of 70 ppm. with high precision

Key Design aspects:
The pump can be used for aseptic applications.
The pump is made from a fully stainless steel body.
The design allows an accessible to the inlet and outlets
A working range up 1.000.000 mPa*s (milli Pascal * seconds) demonstrates the flexible of the system

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