Packing for a Brighter Future
As a global company, we make a significant contribution to shaping a more sustainable world through our own actions. Products, people and planet - these are the pillars that comprise our sustainability approach. Learn more about milestones already achieved. These include laying the foundations for our commitment to carbon neutrality by 2030, expanding our innovation pipeline, and meeting customer needs following a global pandemic and supply chain disruptions. We have worked hard to remain agile in this ever-changing environment and have placed our focus on sustainability because we believe it supports business continuity, risk management and more - today and for the long term. We believe that TPG has a vital role in the collective effort to address climate change and ensure a more sustainable world. We will continue to work with our customers and suppliers to achieve this together.

"TPG‘s sustainability performance is driven by the contribution of every single work unit at our organization, and by engaging our customers and suppliers in this journey. Collectively, we can accelerate a sustainable future and lead to environmental protection, social well-being and economical growth."

Dr. Hans-Peter Mertens, CEO

Sustainability Report 2021