In the interview with Tamás Terjék

Training location: Lich Birklar

➡ What motivated you to start an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic?
Since my childhood, I have loved tinkering and screwing with various things. A vocational training in a trade seemed like a perfect fit for me, as the industrial mechanic combines traditional manual activities with future-oriented automation technology.

➡ What does a typical workday look like for you?
My workday starts at 07:00 am. First, I take care of unfinished tasks from the previous day. Then, I assemble additional individual parts or assemblies onto the machine I'm assigned to. If this machine is already assembled, I assist in the commissioning process or in preparing for shipment.

➡ What technical skills have you acquired during your training?
We learned a lot about manufacturing and automation processes. Additionally, I have made personal progress in dealing with colleagues and supervisors.

➡ What perspectives and opportunities do you see in your future career?
After completing my apprenticeship, I would like to pursue further education. I haven't decided on a specific further training measure yet, as I am currently preparing for my final exam in 2024.

➡ Do you have any advice or tips for individuals considering starting an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic?
One should enjoy manual work since it is part of the daily tasks. An internship can also be very helpful.

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