Interview with Sofie Weber

Training location: Engelskirchen

➡ What motivated you to start training as an industrial clerk?
After completing my high school diploma, I didn't really know what to do with it. Through various internships, I realized that I definitely wanted to learn a commercial profession. I chose to train as an industrial clerk because it is very diverse and versatile. You have the opportunity to take a close look at all the commercial departments of the training company before deciding on a specific department. I am currently in the second year of my apprenticeship and am very glad I made this decision.

➡ What does a typical workday look like for you?
Thanks to the flextime model, I can flexibly schedule the start of my working hours. I spend the workday in modern office spaces and in a relaxed working atmosphere. In addition to detailed explanations of current tasks by my colleagues, I have a lot of time to work independently and take on my own projects. I usually spend lunch break with colleagues in the company cafeteria. Depending on when I started working in the morning, my workday ends after about eight hours.

➡ What skills have you acquired during your training?
During my training, I have improved my planning and teamwork skills and additionally expanded my understanding of operational processes. Furthermore, I was able to deepen my English skills during a three-week stay abroad.

➡ What perspectives and opportunities do you see in your future career?
After completing the apprenticeship next summer, I would like to continue with a dual study program in the field of economics. With this, I have the opportunity to further educate myself alongside the usual everyday work and still not miss out on practical experience.

➡ Do you have any advice or tips for people considering starting training as an industrial clerk? Yes, since I myself found this profession out of uncertainty and numerous doors will open for me after completing my training, I would recommend the apprenticeship as an industrial clerk to all undecided individuals, to gain initial experiences and insights into professional life and a workday.

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